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sorry for late replies

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 3:28 PM
So sorry everyone! T_T I barely have any time for anything anymore except homework, working out, and working on commissions! T_T I have a small break coming up so I am going to try to get caught up on a few things. T_T Sorry sorry sorry! :heart:

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My deviantart story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:41 PM
So I started out in the Irken fandom because I was inspired by DarkHunterWolf. Loved that fandom and did pretty well in it for a few years. Slowly I started to find other fandom a and then went into animals. I created this account to deviate away from my irken account. Deleted my irken account because of some drama that started over there. I definitely love this account and community. DA has seriously improved my artistic talents and motivation. In all my life before DA I never thought I'd improve enough to be able to sell my artwork and that anyone would actually be interested in my art and want it. Even though I still don't get to be on here much I still love this site and hope to be here for many more DA birthdays.

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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 4:48 PM
Alright so I love doing contests because I love being able to give some lucky people some cash/gift cards/points. Whatever and it's a lot of fun! SO! I'm going to do another contest! you have A LOT of time for this because I have to save up the cash to do this since I'm sorta broke ATM haha. SO.  Here it goes! My art won't be the main prize just because I know when this is done I will be quite busy with school. I have 16 credits coming up this semester and I will be BUSY T_T most are science classes so yaaaaaay....

:star: THEME :star: 
:bulletgreen: draw one of my characters with a theme! This theme can be ANYTHING. Songs, movies, current events, etc... just make sure you MENTION what the theme is! I'll give you an example. Say I draw a picture of one of my characters dancing all zombiefied and creepy looking. The theme is Thriller by Michael Jackson. Not to hard right? :)

:star: RULES :star:
You must follow all these rules because if you don't you're disqualified!
:bulletgreen: MUST include at least ONE of my characters AND ONE of your characters. Can't just be my character! You have to somehow incorporate one of your characters into it! Don't have a character? Create one! Or use a pet you have/had whatever. :) Just as long as something of yours is in the picture as well!
:bulletgreen: MUST have a theme! You must MENTION what that theme is! Not too hard. :)
:bulletgreen: DO NOT GIVE ME PORN haha. No porn people. You CAN have risque art with some nudity but nothing more! Lets keep it PG-13 people. =D
:bulletgreen: You MAY enter more than one piece. That doesn't mean you can win more than once BUT it does mean you might have a better chance of winning. :) who knows! 
:bulletgreen: Please put some effort into it. :( I don't want a 5 minute piece when clearly you will have quite a bit of time!

:star: PRIZES :star:
Now what you've all been waiting to hear!
Disclaimer: ANY and ALL gift cards will be given electronically! You will receive a code/electronic card. I will NOT be mailing them. Depending on the gift card you choose it COULD take a week or two to get it to you just because I have to put in for it and it can take that long to process!
First place
:bulletgreen: Your choice of one of these: $50 Amazon card, $50 PAYPAL, $50 ITunes card, or $4,000 :points: (equals $50). (You can only choose 1 of those)
:bulletgreen: Full traditional from me with up to 5 characters. 

Second Place
:bulletgreen: Your choice of one of these: $25 Amazon card, $25 Paypal, $25 ITunes card, or $2,000 :points: (equals $25). (You can only choose 1 of those)
:bulletgreen: Copic piece with up to 3 characters. 

Third Place 
:bulletgreen: Your choice of one of these: $15 Amazon card, $15 Paypal, $15 ITunes card, or $1,200 :points: (equals $15)
:bulletgreen: Lineart piece of up to 2 characters. 

I'm not sure what these will be yet. I was thinking of $2 Amazon gift cards, only if I get enough people to join! I'll up the runner up prizes if more people join! What do you guys think?

:star: DUE DATE:star:
Due date will be......... January 31, 2015! So you should have AMPLE time! AMPLE 0_0

:star: Characters:star:
Sadly I have not had time to draw many of my beautiful characters so I hope you guys can help me out a bit! :D
::Ashenee Ref:: by Ashenee Ashenee


Contest entry: Tobias by TheAngelStar Tobias

Haytham by xKiwiwolf Haytham

Contest Entry - Iganga by grouchywolfpup Iganga

Ashenee's Contest by Self-Eff4cing Caleb

Yorokiba custom for Ashenee by Krinkee Link

Complex Reek Star Baby-CLOSED- by Skullz-adopts Andromeda 

Adopt: Beauty Queen .CLOSED. by Snow-Body Nymeria 

Old OC adoptables by Holarctic Barloz (he's the one on the right hand side, middle)

Point Adopt: CLOSED by Akadafeathers Jackson (one on top with red)

Pony Point Adoptable :CLOSED: by crowrley Citrus 

 (and for my irken followers)
:water: by Na5talgia Ashenee

Well good luck everyone!!!!! :D Don't be afraid to ask questions!

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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 7:20 PM
Life update I suppose :) thank you for all the birthday wishes! :heart: I have been having to resort to different websites for a source of income so I've been pretty busy trying to make enough to pay for my insurance, my gas, food, school stuff, etc... But I am winding down commissions so yay! If anyone is interested in any of these money/gift card earning sites I'll talk a little bit about them! I can generally make about $30+/month in gift cards and over $180 a month in cash. It's not spams and you don't have to sell/ buy anything. I've just been noticing a lot of people struggling lately so I thought I'd put in some of my tips. Also I have a new skype account so if you want to add me and chat a bit, maybe do collabs every now and then add me! My username is Ashenee-Wild-Dog 

first at website I'm going to discuss is MTurk.…
:bulletred: What is MTurk? 
:bulletgreen: it's a site that is a part of and it's available for only US residents as of now. It's a site that pays it's workers to do surveys, transcribe audio, etc... It's a grade way to earn some extra income. I shoot for $5 a day and that gets me about $180 a month. Very helpful. :) You have to be over 18 years of age and have to have some sort of tax record so they can approve you to work, otherwise they won't allow it. It's great because you can transfer money to a bank account and it transfers in like a day. Great great website and I recommend it to anyone who meets the basic requirements. (18+, US resident, Tax record, etc..)

Second website is Swagbucks.… and here's a link to sign up under me :)
:bulletred: What is Swagbucks.
:bulletgreen: One of my favorite other income sites because you can earn a lot of passive income. Now what that is is if you have an extra ipod or android tablet/phone whatever can download apps around then you can download an app that will play videos and you earn points! simple as that! I earn generally around 200+ points a day. that's about equivalent to $2. Doesn't seem like much but after a week that's over 1000 points and that's about $10. Great thing about this site is they have Gift Cards of EVERY kind. Starbucks, Amazon, Paypal, Target, etc... bad thing is it can take up to 10 days to get your cards so the wait sucks but It's still not bad. Eligibility is Any resident of the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, India and Canada above the age of 13 is eligible to redeem Rewards from So it's a little easier to get to. They send rewards electronically so nothings mailed and I've been doing this for over 6 months and have already earned about $200 in gift cards to Amazon pretty much. Never gotten any spam mail, never any phone calls, anything. So that's pretty awesome. You don't have to pay for anything. Obviously there are sites you can sign up through swagbucks that might send spam mail/ charge you for stuff but it tells you. Nothing to worry about. :) The apps they have for Apple is Entertainow and SBTV. you can earn 170 points daily. Android has both those BUT they also have and which give you an extra 40 points total. Easy 200+ a day. they have challenges and fun questions and everything. Super easy website. :)

third website is PerkTV.
:bulletred: What is perktv
:bulletgreen: This is mostly a site that uses apps for points. You run apps that run movies and you earn tokens and points. These can take a little bit but it's still a pretty good site. If you redeem for a gift card they will give them to you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So you don't have to wait near as long. THey also have paypal and amazon. Another good site. This one has 1000 points equal $1. you get about 4 points for every 2 vids you watch on the apps and you also get points for browsing and doing trivia, etc... It's not my favorite but it's pretty simple and passive so I do it when I'm not doing swagbucks. 

Anyways if you have any questions you can comment/note me or if you want to add me on skype, my name is Ashenee-wild-dog. Thanks for reading! :)

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Slowly getting commissions out and new ones closed

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 27, 2014, 8:35 AM
little update here. I have had a hell of a couple of weeks lately. :[ got done with school, was working and had a bomb threat called on my work, so I put my two weeks in and now I'm working on other means to pay for stuff so I'm also trying to get my commissions out. Anyone who currently has a paid commission with me will get their commission soon, I'm going to try to finish them all by the end of july. Anyone who has one waiting though will also get a free copic commission with as many characters as you'd like as an apology and a thank you for being so patient with me T_T 

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A Tattoo Guide for those serious about tattoos

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 1:36 PM
Hello! I know I've been gone lately, school and work have been sucking the life out of me, plus I've been trying to get back into working out so I have had just no time what-so-ever for art! Schools over for me in about a 4 weeks though so I definitely will be back soon! anyways I wanted to write a guide for people who are interested in possibly getting a tattoo in the near future. Let me go through some common questions here.

:bulletred: Why should I listen to you?

:bulletgreen: You don't that is the great thing about being human, you can do whatever the hell you want. :) BUT I have some helpful advice that will make sure you won't regret your tattoo in the years to come. I have a couple tattoos, all of which I designed myself. I grew up with parents that loved tattoos, both have tattoos I designed and I have spoken to quite a few tattoo artists. I thought about becoming one at some time but figured I wasn't good enough to draw on someone's skin and I'll stick to just making the designs haha. :) So you can either  choose to listen to me or not.

:bulletred: okay so I am considering a tattoo. Any suggestions as to what I should get?

:bulletgreen: If you don't know what you want you're probably not ready to get one. Tattoos should have some meaning to you. If you do have an idea then sit on it. I know that could be hard but I'm serious. SIT ON IT. My rule is to wait 3 months, see if you'd still want that on you. If you do then you might be good to go! The reason you want to wait is because people change interests A LOT. One minute you may like anime or wolves and the next minute you may like disney or kangaroos. See what I'm getting at? If you can wait three months and you're still dead set on getting this tattoo there is a good chance you will be okay with it being on your body forever. 

:bulletred: I think I'm ready! How do I choose an artist?

:bulletgreen: this is one of the most IMPORTANT choices you will make. This person will be tattooing you with a sharp, quick needle. You need to make sure they're good and that you can trust them. Go in and talk to the artist. Ask to see some examples of previous work. Look online for any possible reviews. Ask around town. It is important you do this. Also NEVER EVER EVER get a tattoo out of someone's apartment or house. I don't care how AWESOME they say they are. Remember when I said that the artist will be poking you with a needle? It's similar to a doctors office only obviously it doesn't go as deep, but they're still injecting your skin with ink. Notice how the doctor doesn't reuse needles? It should be the same for tattooists. Here's some microbiology 101. Your skin is always crawling with bacteria. ALWAYS. They're completely normal and harmless until you break the skin and they can get in. That is how you get infections and you can get bacteria/viruses whatever from sharing needs. So PLEASE pick someone with decent hygiene. Look around their studio, does it look clean? are all the ink bottles put away properly, is there dirty counters or anything? If it looks clean then make sure they are a decent artist. Look at linework on previous tattoos. Is it consistent? does it look like its spread out underneath the skin? Do the colors look smooth or do they look blotchy and unfinished? These all determine how the tattoo will look in a couple years. Be wary of all black tattoos too. You need to make sure to find an artist who can color them in correctly and completely and make sure the linework is perfect, otherwise the tattoo will blow out and will turn into a black blob in a couple years. Blacks not exactly easy to cover up either. Now lastly if your tattoo artist is designing the tattoo make sure they have a sketch, there are a lot who are not decent  enough to just free style it. Now I'm not saying there aren't any artists who can do that but they have to be pretty damn good! 

:bulletred: Okay I think  I found someone who is a great tattooist, now what?

:bulletgreen: Great! you're on your way to a beautiful piece of skin art! haha. Here's another thing to be aware of, you're going to have to be willing to spend some time and money. If it's a bigger piece, I'm talking like $100-500. I've met a lot of artists who charge by the hour, some who have been doing it longer can just charge you for the size and complexity of the piece. It's exactly like DA. People who charge that much for a piece of art are generally pretty good artists and they will want to be compensated for it. If you don't have the cash, don't bother. Anyone who will charge you $10 to ink your skin probably isn't going to be really trustworthy, unless you're getting a single line on you. Now the next thing to be aware of is time. Do the tattoo on a day where you have NOTHING going on. No sense in scheduling a tattoo in the morning and then going to work in the afternoon. Next thing to consider is your pain tolerance. Oh yeah it's gonna hurt. There is no getting around it. And different parts of your body hurt worse. For me, the back of my calf and the front near the bone hurt worse than the side of the calf. My back wasn't near as bad as those two areas. So if you're ready to get a tattoo, pop some aspirin in and take a friend to talk to or some headphones. I'm  sure the tattoo artist wont care if they're trying to focus and it's quite. Also a helpful hint would be to shave the area before you go in otherwise they're probably do it. Also eat a little something before you go. Not a four course meal but something so that you won't pass out if you get hungry and can't handle the pain. 

:bulletred: Yay I got the tattoo! Now what?

:bulletgreen: Great! obviously follow your tattoo artists care regime, because if you don't your tattoo isn't going to look to great after it's done healing. If you've never gotten a tattoo here is some stuff you'll have to do and I suggest getting it before hand cause I'm sure you'll want to go home afterwards. So the tattoo should look nice and shiny after the artist is done and a little red. You'll probably feel relieved because it's done and the endorphins your body has released, you'll wanna show the world! Well don't get too excited, because that too is going to turn into a big scabby mess. You'll want to itch it and scratch it and pick at it, again, don't! The artist will wipe it down and cover it up with some plastic wrap. They'll also probably put on some antibacterial stuff since it is technically a wound. You don't really have to worry about adding any more after that though. Wait for a few hours and then you can take the wrap off and clean it. NOT HARD. Don't scrub it hard, but gently get rid of any ooze or any antibacterial still left on it. I can not stress this enough: do NOT scrub the scabs off! This can lead to loss of ink in some places and leave your tattoo looking a little tattered. You're obviously going to lose a little color, won't stay vibrant forever but it should still look nice. :) Now make sure you where loose-fitting protective clothing. Something that will not scratch your scabs off and will also let it breathe. You'll want to apply some lotion to the tattoo but do not drown it in lotion. Just apply 2-3 times a day  (or however often the artist suggests, some people will have different rules for aftercare) when it is feeling dry. When you take a shower, do not let the full force of the shower water hit your tattoo, but you still want to keep it clean so let it hit another part of your body and trickle down to it. Do NOT take baths. Baths are cesspools for bacteria and whether you have a tattoo or a piercing don't do it and risk infection. Also can affect your pigments. Don't go swimming either for the first week. If anything seems "off" or worrisome about your tattoo PLEASE call your artist and ask them.

Alright I covered quite a bit here and have to leave soon so if you have any more questions ask! I'll be happy to answer! When doing aftercare Please listen to your artist and not just me. I have been through a few aftercare treatments but I don't know EVERYTHING. Every artist is different and has a different yet similar regime and will probably have more to add! Hope I have helped you in deciding if you're ready for a tattoo or not! 

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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 4, 2014, 8:53 PM
Welp.... Haven't been able to get on much or reply or anything. Schools been really taking a toll on me. I have no time for anything anymore. Every chance I get to draw I keep putting more and more detail into this commission I'm working on and it's taking me longer and longer :( spring break is next week so I'm gonna try to get caught up. Plus I have scholarships I need to finish. If I don't get them I dunno what I'm going to do :( can't go to school if I don't. Trying to get my grades as high as possible and college just sucks :[ it's stressful as shit and I can't even draw to relieve that! I did get a betta fish though. He's relaxing to watch while I do homework haha. Anyways hope you're all doing well and if you need anything note me, I'll try to get to it :]

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Secret Santa Sign Up (CLOSED) and Christmas gifts

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 12, 2013, 5:55 PM
I will be noting you in the next few minutes who you were assigned! ^^ please remember the rules and keep an eye out for drawings I'll be having all December!

Secret Santa
I got quite a few responses for my poll about secret santa this year :) I'd love to host one for you guys! seems like a good way to spread the holiday cheer! so this will be the sign up journal, please leave a comment with a link of what character you'd like to have drawn! 

:bulletgreen: Anyone of any talent can join
:bulletred: You MUST put all your effort into a drawing, please do not give me a 30 second drawing to give to the other person, its for a christmas gift! Bring some joy to the other person! :)
:bulletred: If you forget to do a picture for someone you will not receive a picture and I will have to find a way to make up for the person you forgot about. I want to make sure everyone gets one that gives one! 

I will post more rules when the partners are given. :) 
I of course will not JOIN in this as I have a ton of my own stuff to do BUT I will be having christmas giveaways and drawings during the course of december so keep an eye out! :) 

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Chainmaille dragon commission information

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 1, 2013, 9:01 AM
Chainmaille dragons can be customized to the type of dragon you'd like. It can be up to 3 different colors, I have rubber and aluminum rings plus scales. Here's the selections:

Aluminum rings - red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet, pink, light pink, gold, silver, bronze, black, grey
Rubber - black, blue, brown, green, orange 
Scales - silver, peacock colors, black, blue, berry, brown, earth, fire, gun metal, gold, green, orange, pink, Persian, purple, red, sky, turquoise, violet, water, yellow. 

I will use standard shipping, $5 - $10 (500:points-1000:points:) within the US, $7-$12(700:points:-1200:points:)outside. 

•Dragon bracelets- $15-$20 (1500-2000:points:) (these will be the length you need to be able to slide onto your wrist, no tail with scales added) 

•Dragon baby - $20-$25 (2000-2500:points:) (these will be 6-8 long and include scales, and a tail with scales)

•Adolescent dragon - $30-$35 (3000-3500:points) (these will be 12-14 inches long)

•adult dragon - $40-$60 (4000-5000:points:) (these can be anywhere from 16-30 inches)

•elder dragon - $62-$80 (6200-8000:points) (these can be anywhere from 32- 60 inches)

Chainmaille commissions closed

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 25, 2013, 11:44 AM
Hello everyone! I decided to make a different journal for chainmaille commissions as it can be quite complicated. If you're interested tell me what you'd like and ill give you a quote!

Aluminum rings - red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet, pink, light pink, gold, silver, bronze, black, grey
Rubber - black, blue, brown, green, orange 

Aluminum- ($10-$20 (1000-2000:points:) depending on complexity and width/colors) 
 photo image_zps054fee40.jpg
Rubber - ($8-$18 (800-1800:points:) depending on complexity and width/color)
 photo image_zps3d136b8b.jpg
•shipping $3 (300:points:)

Aluminum - ($20-$35 (2000-3500:points:)depending on complexity and width/colors)
 photo image_zps1fb09b4f.jpg
Rubber - ($18-$35 (1800-3500:points:)depending on complexity and width/colors) 
•shipping $4 (400:points:)

•Current chainmaille for sale•
 photo image_zps054fee40.jpg $15 (1500:points:)

 photo image_zps1fb09b4f.jpg $25 (2500:points:)

 photo image_zpseaf1a362.jpg $25 (2500:points:)

 photo image_zps3d136b8b.jpg $15(1500:points:)

 photo image_zps9f504b1b.jpg $18(:points:)

 photo image_zps2e2d7216.jpg $15(1500:points:)

 photo image_zps1223f2ce.jpg $8(800:points:)

 photo image_zps18720264.jpg $15(1500:points:)

These are available on etsy as well ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Journal Entry: Wed Jun 5, 2013, 9:21 AM
I believe there are some people who deserve more attention! Go give them some love! X3

Fox Adoptable [Points] by Self-Eff4cingOff to War by Self-Eff4cing

Mine! by ArixonaPlant tribal wolf by Arixona


Daily Deviation?!

Journal Entry: Sun May 12, 2013, 11:10 AM
Oh man you guys! I feel so happy with all your support and I'm so thankful for it! ^^ and thanks Wes for suggesting me! :hug: pretty big surprise for me! XD I woke up with a crick ton of messages and I just.... I still don't know how to react!! I can't thank everyone enough! :hug: sadly I must go to work but I will reply to comments and watches and everything when I get back! ^^

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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 7:19 PM
Okay now before I announce the winners I really want to say that I loved ALL the contest entries that were made for this contest! There were A LOT of creative entries! A LOT! This was super hard to judge and it took quite a while! >< I actually made one extra winner! Don't be upset if you didn't win, this type of contest can be hard because its really based on my likes! I will have more in the future so please stay tuned! ^^

:iconkiraitheninjawolf900: with this entry
I REALLY liked this entry! Very creative!
Congrats! Your prizes include:
:bulletgreen: $5 or 400 :points:
:bulletgreen: a copic color of up to 1 character
:bulletgreen: a 1 week feature on my page!

:icontheangelstar: with this entry Contest entry: Tobias by TheAngelStar
This was a very unique character and very risky with the green but it took and it caught my eye. Congrats! Your prizes include:
:bulletgreen: $5 or 400 :points:
:bulletgreen: traditional color up to 1 character no background
:bulletblue: ACEO
:bulletblue: 1 week feature on my page!

:iconxkiwiwolf: with this entry Haytham by xKiwiwolf
This character was very cool and had an interesting history!
Congrats! your prizes include:
:bulletgreen: $10 or 800 :points:
:bulletgreen: FULL TRADITIONAL up to 2 characters no background
:bulletgreen: ACEO
:bulletgreen: pixel icon
:bulletblue: 2 week feature on my page!

:icongrouchywolfpup: with this entry Contest Entry - Iganga by grouchywolfpup
Very detailed on everything! Background, markings and even the name!
Congrats! Your prizes include:
:bulletgreen: $20  or 1600 points
:bulletgreen: FULL traditional of up to THREE characters (you choose) with background
:bulletgreen: a tribal of your character
:bulletblue: an ACEO
:bulletblue: pixel icon
:bulletblue: one month feature on my page

Alright thanks again to those who joined! Winners ill note you shortly after this is posted! Please go check out these other characters that were made as they are quite amazing! =D I believe some may be up for adoption!  I wish I could buy them all! T_T I really do! They're all magnificent!

:star: ENTRIES :star:
spinx by thefluffyhandgrenade
Kane-nyn by AliyaBloodHeart
Contest entire by rachelhall08
Shamann by Blaidd0
CE- by UnknownAxel
Wolf Hybrid Tribal Adopt - CLOSED by DansuDragon
Contest entry_Ashenee__Now for adoption--CLOSED by Rooki-SK14
Contest entry: Kiele by TheAngelStar
WolfDesign Entry1 by blowfishwingsWolfDesign Entry2 by blowfishwings
Entry for =Ashenee by Vtruss1
Fluffeh Dog -Contest Entry- With speedpaint! by ElectricSilenceHikari -Contest Design- by ElectricSilenceCheetah by ElectricSilence
Temple Guardian by Gravity9000
CE: Bat-eared Fox for Ashenee by Deestracted
Contest:Atlas by poofyturtle
Chaos OC by aprilj0313Death Angel OC by aprilj0313
.:ce:. character design by Liagon
Kaval by bhappybug
Shakei the jackal by Amirah-the-cat
African Wild Lion by AsphyxiaCreations

Mercury The Tough One by JustMadAra

Flying African cat by Naoko-TomomiAnua by Naoko-Tomomi

20 points! by xyllem
Widgy by Phenebroos
Ashenee's Contest by Self-Eff4cing
Design Contest entry for Ashenee by MagicMoonbeams
Dark Saber - contest entry by M-WingedLioness
Contest Entry for Ashenee by Music-lovinFox
Rak'ha - character design by agataylor
CE: Ashenee by Skylar-Wolf

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Opinions on prints and originals

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 25, 2013, 9:49 AM

*edit* made a small list of some
Would any of you be interested in buying prints of certain artwork I've done? Can be any of them. Would anyone be interested in the originals of any of my artwork? My prices for commissions will be going up a bit so that I'm not getting swamped with artwork commissions anymore. I need to do personal stuff as well. Anyways if you're interested in a piece of artwork ask me about it and ill let you know if the original or prints for sale! They're $5 or 500 points! This includes shipping. My desk is scattered with artwork.

:bulletred: you may NOT use the artwork to make money
:bulletred: you may NOT claim it as you're own!
:bulletred: the character(s) depicted does NOT become yours! It still belongs to their rightful owners!

..:: WHITE ::.. by Ashenee - original and prints available
Rhea comm by Ashenee - prints available
::Love:: by Ashenee - prints available
:Banjo CO: by Ashenee - prints available
::Corgi:: by Ashenee - original and prints available
..::fun at the beach CE::.. by Ashenee - original available

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Contest is a go! CASH PRIZES *CLOSED*

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2012, 7:47 AM
skin by AESD

It's closed! :)
Alright I'm going to go with the contest.
:star: THEME :star:
Create me a new character

:star: DATES :star:
Start: DEC. 4, 2012
Ends: FEB 28, 2013

:star: THINGS I LIKE :star:
These things I like might be able to help in creating a new character
:bulletgreen: canine or canine like creatures
:bulletgreen: hyenas
:bulletgreen: felines
:bulletgreen: most other african animals
:bulletgreen: I need males.
:bulletgreen: unique markings
:bulletgreen: unique personalities

:star: RULES :star:
:bulletblue: if I do not get at least 25 contestants I will not do the cash prizes just points.
:bulletblue: the winners are giving me the rights to the characters/creatures
:bulletblue: you DO NOT have to make an animal that exists, it can be a made up one as well!
:bulletblue: do NOT steal/copy/trace/reuse anyone else's designs!!!
:bulletblue: you DO NOT have to create a ref sheet but PLEASE make sure I can see ALL the markings
:bulletblue: leave me a link somewhere showing me your entry!
:bulletblue: you MAY do up to 5 entries but may only win once
:bulletblue: please give them a history!!!
:bulletblue: MUST have a Paypal if you want the cash prize otherwise you will only receive points!
:bulletblue: you may use bases, outlines by someone else if you'd like but please don't break any of the artists rules.
:bulletblue: have fun! :)

:star: PRIZES :star:
:bulletgreen: $20 (through PayPal and if I get 25 contestants) or 1600 points (if I get 25 contestants) (if I receive less the points will be cut in half as will the money, this goes for second and third as well.)
:bulletgreen: FULL DIGITAL or traditional of up to THREE characters (you choose) with background
:bulletgreen: a tribal of your character
:bulletblue: an ACEO
:bulletblue: pixel icon
:bulletblue: one month feature on my page!

:bulletgreen: $10 or 800 :points:
:bulletgreen: FULL TRADITIONAL up to 2 characters no background
:bulletgreen: ACEO
:bulletgreen: pixel icon
:bulletblue: 2 week feature on my page!

:bulletgreen: $5 or 400 :points:
:bulletgreen: traditional color up to 1 character no background
:bulletblue: ACEO
:bulletblue: 1week feature on my page!

:star: ENTRIES :star:
2:iconthefluffyhandgrenade:spinx by thefluffyhandgrenade
3:iconaliyabloodheart: Kane-nyn by AliyaBloodHeart
4:iconrachelhall08:Contest entire by rachelhall08
5:iconaswaney: :thumb343106278:
6:iconblaidd0: Shamann by Blaidd0
7:iconunknownaxel: CE- by UnknownAxel
8:iconmeozu: :thumb342714442:
9:icondansudragon: Wolf Hybrid Tribal Adopt - CLOSED by DansuDragon
10:iconrooki-sk14: Contest entry_Ashenee__Now for adoption--CLOSED by Rooki-SK14
11:icontheangelstar: Contest entry: Tobias by TheAngelStar Contest entry: Kiele by TheAngelStar
12:icongrouchywolfpup: Contest Entry - Iganga by grouchywolfpup
13:iconkeira-the-wolf: :thumb346371831:
14:iconthewantedwolf: :thumb347973353:
15:iconblowfishwings: WolfDesign Entry1 by blowfishwingsWolfDesign Entry2 by blowfishwings
16:icondezyphere: :thumb348336372:
17:iconvtruss1: Entry for =Ashenee by Vtruss1
18:iconelectricsilence: Fluffeh Dog -Contest Entry- With speedpaint! by ElectricSilenceHikari -Contest Design- by ElectricSilenceCheetah by ElectricSilence
19:iconjamjams: :thumb351919898::thumb358078378:
20:icondeestracted: CE: Bat-eared Fox for Ashenee by Deestracted
21:iconpoofyturtle: Contest:Atlas by poofyturtle
22:iconaprilj0313:  Chaos OC by aprilj0313Death Angel OC by aprilj0313
23:iconwildwingedwolf: :thumb354409617:
24:iconglowbitch: :thumb354984378:
25:iconliagon: .:ce:. character design by Liagon
26:iconbhappybug: Kaval by bhappybug
28:iconxkiwiwolf: Haytham by xKiwiwolf
29:iconamirah-the-cat: Shakei the jackal by Amirah-the-cat
30:iconasphyxiacreations: African Wild Lion by AsphyxiaCreations
32:iconjustmadara: Mercury The Tough One by JustMadAra
35:iconplatnummidnightwolf: :thumb355270201:
36:iconnaoko-tomomi: Flying African cat by Naoko-TomomiAnua by Naoko-Tomomi
37:icongravity9000: Temple Guardian by Gravity9000
39:iconxyllem: 20 points! by xyllem
40:iconphenebroos: Widgy by Phenebroos
41:iconprinznero: :thumb356362025::thumb356358806::thumb356360095:
42:iconself-eff4cing: Ashenee's Contest by Self-Eff4cing
43:iconmagicmoonbeams: Design Contest entry for Ashenee by MagicMoonbeams
44:iconm-wingedlioness:Dark Saber - contest entry by M-WingedLioness
45:iconmusic-lovinfox:Contest Entry for Ashenee by Music-lovinFox
47:iconagataylor:Rak'ha - character design by agataylor
48:iconskylar-wolf:CE: Ashenee by Skylar-Wolf

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 4, 2012, 12:54 PM

Any current sales going on with commissions can be found on the commission widget for points, if you'd prefer it in paypal just let me know  

What's available:
•digital commission (simple)- $5 or 500:points: 
::bloop:: by Ashenee
digital commission (detailed)- $10 or 1000:points: 
::bubbles:: by Ashenee::within the clouds:: by Ashenee
Extra characters- $3/each or 300:points: 
•Traditional color (1 character/no background)  - $30-50 or 3000-5000:points: 
::Dammit:: by Ashenee::well hello betta:: by AsheneeCave Paintings by Ashenee
•Complex background - extra $5 or 500:points:
•Simple background - extra $3 or 100:points: 
Done on brown paper - extra $1 or 100:points: 
::Eve:: by Ashenee::well hello betta:: by Ashenee
•Extra Character - $5 each or 500 :points: 
•realistic pencil headshot- $10.00 or 1000:points: 
::Athena:: by Ashenee
Extra Character $3.00 or 300:points:
Full body realistic pencil drawing- $20 or 2000:points:
•Copic color (1 character/ no background) - $20 or 2000:points: 
Wolf Link: merry Christmas by Ashenee

•extra character - $5/ each or 500 :points: 
•Complex background - $2 or 200 :points: 
•Simple background - 50¢ or 50 :points: 
•tribal tattoo/logo - $10-30 or 1000-3000 :points: (depends on detail, color, etc) 
::yellowstone series 2 of 10: wolf:: by AsheneeYellowstone Tribal Series - Bison with geyser by Ashenee::sitting howling wolf:: by Ashenee::Standing Collie Tribal:: by Ashenee
•extra character - $5 or 500:points:
•Tribal headshot - $2 or 200:points:
•Watercolor Commission - $8 or 800:points: 
::Howling wolf watercolor:: by Ashenee 
•Sketch commission - $1 or 100 :points: 
•extra character .25¢ 25 :points: 
•Lineart (1 character) - $5 or 500 :points: 
•extra character - $1 or 100 :points:
•ACEO - $1 or 100 :points: 
::ATCs:: by Ashenee
•shipping for original item anywhere in the world (excludes ACEO) - $4 or 400 :points:
aditional pics added to original - 50¢/item 
•shipping ACEO - 50¢ or 50 :points:

•packs• (each includes 1 character, if you want more character then you must pay for each addition, also none come with background and you must pay for the addition) 
P1 (ACEO, Lineart & Sketch) - $6 (save $1) or 600:points: $7, save about 15%  
P2 (Lineart, Tribal ($25 value), Copic) - $40 (save $10) 3000:points: $50 value, save about 20%
P3 (Traditional Color, digital($10 value) & Tribal($25 value)) - $45 (save $20)  4500:points: $65 value, save about 30%


:star: How to Order a Commission :star:
Please go to my page >> << and when I'm open you'll see a commission widget where you can order a commission for points. If you see that the limit has been reached you can either wait OR if you're willing to pay with Paypal ill take your commission, just please message or note me! :)
Keep an eye out with this journal. I will let you know when it's up.
:star: What I Can Draw :star:
I will ONLY draw animals and creatures, no humans please. I'm also pretty iffy on anthros. I'd prefer not to do them.
:star: Payment :star:
I accept PayPal and snail mail and I do NOT refund after the commission is started so please wait for my okay and make sure you want one. :)  I will except points only through the commission widget!
:star: Waiting Period :star:
Please be patient. I do have a life and if I keep receiving rude comments from you I will block you till I'm done. :| I appreciate patience. :)
I do NOT take any responsibility for damaged or lost mail. Give me your FULL address (meaning no abbreviations like MT for Montana)
:star: Copyrights :star:
:bulletred: All copyrights belong to me. You may NOT claim it was drawn by anyone else but me.
:bulletred: Please do not remove my signature
:bulletred: You cannot sell or gain money from it in anyway without my permission
:bulletred: You may do whatever you want with the drawing you bought as long as it is not used to gain money
:bulletred: No copying/tracing/printing my work without permission

Ashenee + Wesley icons by High-Horizon
by High-Horizon


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